WWE & AEW Massive TV Sale Rumor Revealed

NBC Universal may be on the verge of making a deal to buy Warner Bros. Discovery and it to their existing network, which would affect WWE and AEW’s TV deals. The grapevine suggests that it’s a thing, and we would have to see if this does come to light and life. While the world is busy in the metaverse, NBC has a different objective in mind.



The Hollywood Reporter ran a story which suggests that Comcast plans to play in The Game. NBC doesn’t know if this will turn out the way they want, but things may soon be up for the better. If this change does take place then life will be too different.

The fans won’t have to spend money on two subscriptions or work around with different possibilities. It’s a given that such a merger would create a business juggernaut. It would also make the world a better place with everything getting streamlined in one direction.

NBC Universal has changed things for the people of America, and it may be time to change another thing in the world. NBC is known for their quality of work, and so this would be an interesting option to look into in the grand scheme of things.

When things change, everything changes. Life would be a different landscape if this mega deal does come to life. While there’s no confirmed word as of this moment, but everything is based on the article from The Hollywood Reporter. If that is true or not is something that needs to be seen.

Do you want to see this merger take place? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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