WWE & AEW Offers To World Champion Revealed

WWE has a reputation from bring back veteran stars to the ring. Not only did WWE Hall of Famer, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin return for his last match after 19 years, but WWE Chairman Vince McMahon himself also made his return to the ring. WWE Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medalist Kurt Angle recently sat down with WhatCulture Wrestling to discuss a variety of subjects and during this, he was asked about working for one of the two major wrestling companies in the future.



Kurt Angle talks about getting offers from WWE and AEW

Angle admitted that he’s had offers from both of them and turned them down. Although he did state if they came up with something worthwhile, he would do it:

“Well, I’m leaving it open,” Kurt Angle said. “I’ve gotten offers from both companies, didn’t accept them. I didn’t feel it was right at that particular time. But if they come up with something that I think is worth it, I will do it.”

Kurt Angle further spoke about one of his greatest rivals, Samoa Joe. The former NXT Champion was released from WWE twice in only a couple of years.During the interview, Angle was very happy to hear about Joe’s return to Ring of Honor(ROH) on WrestleMania 38 weekend. He also talked about how much he loved working with him.

“Samoa Joe going back to Ring of Honor. I think it’s awesome,” Kurt Angle said. “I’m so happy for him to see him get back in the ring. I’ve always thought of him as one of my fiercest competitors, and I absolutely love working in ring with him. Him and AJ Styles in TNA were incredible.”

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