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WWE already dropping the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick?

Bludgeon Brothers

WWE has been teasing the debut of Bludgeon Brothers gimmick of Erick Rowan and Luke Harper for a while but it appears that the company is already dropping it.

During a recent WWE Live Event from Leeds England, these two came out using their old music and the two returned to their old attires as well. Below is a photo of them from the Live Event:

Both Harper and Rowan have been away from WWE Programming for quite a while now and it was reported several times in the past that officials were planning to give them a new gimmick.

They finally started teasing the new gimmicks of both the former Wyatt Family members a few weeks ago when they started airing video packages of them in their new looks.

It’s not clear yet what their appearance on the Live Event means and if WWE is really dropping their new gimmick already. We’ll keep you posted if any further details come to light.

  • M

    I dig the promos although I find the name of their team very ridiculous. I don’t really care if the gimmick is dropped as long as they properly utilize their tag team. They should’ve been tag champions years ago, their NXT run was pretty solid.

  • CC

    Apart from carrying massive hammers, what really was different about their Wyatts gimmick, and this 2B gimmick? Just seems like a slightly modified version of the gimmick they have used for years.

  • Arnold Jackson


  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    They should have let it happen organically instead of trying to build it up. The costume changes were subtle enough that they could have just re-appeared with the updated look. I think that would have been cool.

  • Killswitch

    Love the gimmick, hate the name.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Maybe WWE just didn’t want to waste debuting the 2B gimmick on a overseas house show? One can only hope that the powers that be have ditched the horrible 2B gimmick.