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WWE already dropping the Bludgeon Brothers gimmick?

Bludgeon Brothers

  • M

    I dig the promos although I find the name of their team very ridiculous. I don’t really care if the gimmick is dropped as long as they properly utilize their tag team. They should’ve been tag champions years ago, their NXT run was pretty solid.

  • CC

    Apart from carrying massive hammers, what really was different about their Wyatts gimmick, and this 2B gimmick? Just seems like a slightly modified version of the gimmick they have used for years.

  • Arnold Jackson


  • Kayfabe_Is_Dead

    They should have let it happen organically instead of trying to build it up. The costume changes were subtle enough that they could have just re-appeared with the updated look. I think that would have been cool.

  • Killswitch

    Love the gimmick, hate the name.

  • Arnold Jackson

    Maybe WWE just didn’t want to waste debuting the 2B gimmick on a overseas house show? One can only hope that the powers that be have ditched the horrible 2B gimmick.