WWE Announcer Reveals Why Matt Riddle Was Fired

The wrestling world has been buzzing with controversy surrounding the release of Matt Riddle from WWE, and various comments and opinions have emerged in the aftermath. Riddle’s departure from WWE was marked by a public feud between his ex-girlfriend and his fiancee, adding to the drama.



Adding his voice to the discussion is wrestling legend Booker T, who is no stranger to offering his perspective on the wrestling industry. During his Hall of Fame radio show, Booker T delved into Matt Riddle’s firing from AEW and didn’t hold back.

Booker T expressed his view that Matt Riddle had become a “liability” for the company, implying that his behavior had reached a point where it couldn’t be tolerated any longer. He suggested that there’s a limit to what any company can endure, and when you push those boundaries, consequences are inevitable. In Booker T’s words,

“There is only so much that is going to be tolerated. It catches up to you, you become a liability.”

Furthermore, Booker T appeared unfazed by Riddle’s release, stating that he wasn’t shocked or surprised by the decision. From his perspective, if you put yourself in a precarious position, you’re setting the stage for something to go wrong. Booker T’s extensive experience in the wrestling business has likely given him insight into the consequences of certain actions within the industry.

Drawing from his wealth of experience, Booker T noted that many wrestlers could find themselves released for similar reasons, emphasizing that Riddle wasn’t an exception in this regard.

Additionally, Booker T raised a thought-provoking question regarding AEW’s perspective on such situations. He pondered whether AEW, as a company, is willing to deal with the baggage that can come with certain talents. This query reflects the complexities involved in managing a wrestling promotion and the decisions that must be made regarding talent and their behavior both in and out of the ring.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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