WWE Announcer Ripped For Birthday Party During COVID

A female WWE announcer was recently spotted enjoying a birthday treat with her group of friends at a restaurant. But, what drew attention was the fact that she did not wear mask amid the COVID-19 pandemic.



Thinking who it was? It was none other than WWE Raw broadcast member- Charly Caruso.

WWE announcer Charly Caruso was spotted without wearing a mask

In the wake of COVID-19 it has been made mandatory to wear masks while going outdoors and also specially places like restaurants.

Charly Caruso recently took to her Instagram account where she shared some pictures. She was sighted in a restaurant with a group of friends who were celebrating the birthday of one of the friends.

But, picture of her not wearing a mask has caused outrage among several fans on social media.

They have expressed their anger towards Caruso and according to them people like her are the ones for whom COVID-19 is not coming to end as proper precautions are not being taken.

One of them wrote: “Charly Caruso ignoring physical distancing with no mask in sight at a birthday party. This virus is never going to end”.

However, one of them also backed Caruso stating: “You don’t eat with a mask on”, implying that there is a possibility that she might not be wearing the mask because the images were snapped while they were eating.

WWE is very much strict with their rules of taking measures against the deadly Novel Coronavirus. It is to be seen what WWE Chairman Vince McMahon make out of this incident.

What are your thoughts on this incident? Feel free to share your opinions below.

Barry Russell
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