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WWE announces details of Punjabi Prison match

Panjabi Prison Jim Ross

We noted before how SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon announced a WWE Championship match between Randy Orton and Jinder Mahal, though this time in a Punjabi Prison match.

Since this will be only the third Punjabi Prison match in the history of the company and the last one was contested 10 years ago, WWE has released details on the upcoming Cage match including the rules for the extreme bout on their official website.

Here is an excerpt from the press release which explains the all the rules for the upcoming match:

“while matches like a Steel Cage, Hell in a Cell or even the Elimination Chamber typically trap a Superstar within one enclave, the Punjabi Prison surrounds them with two: First, there are four walls of bamboo that immediately surround the ring in the fashion of a traditional cage.  Outside of that stands another, larger, octagonal structure, topped with a series of razor-sharp bamboo spikes.

To win, a Superstar must escape both cages, a prospect that is far easier said than done. The interior structure contains four doors, all of which are attended by a referee. When a Superstar calls for the door to be opened, they have one minute to walk through it and into the outer structure.

If they don’t make it through in time, the door is shut and locked for good. If a Superstar fails to make it through all four of the doors in the allotted time, they must climb out of the inner structure. It makes for good practice, as the only way to escape the outer ring is to climb up and over it.

The first Superstar whose feet touch the ground wins the match. That means a Superstar cannot achieve victory inside the Punjabi Prison by something as ordinary as a pinfall or a submission, but must fight his way out.”

Battleground PPV will take place on July 23rd in Philadelphia