WWE Announces Pay-Per-View Buys, Notes on WrestleMania, Kennedy and More

– A note from WWE’s financial results today, one of the reasons that WWE made less money on last year’s WrestleMania than this years is because they had to spend a lot more money to make the Citrus Bowl in Orlando look good for TV. They also had to spend money to make a temporary locker room for the talent.



– Ken “Kennedy” Anderson has signed a deal to work a fall tour with the Nu-Wrestling Evolution promotion in Europe. Kennedy will be appearing from September 24th to October 3rd at shows in France and Malta.

– Devin sent the following: The password for the 10/13 Smackdown/ECW taping in Lexington, KY is TICKET. For what it’s worth, Jeff Hardy is being advertised for the show. The password for the 10/12 Smackdown/ECW show in Pikeville, KY is EBLAST.

– As part of its quarterly earnings statement, WWE officially revealed numbers for its second fiscal quarter pay-per-view events. Here are the numbers:

* WrestleMania 25 (960,000); WrestleMania 24 was not reported in the second quarter of 2008 (it did 1,058,000 buys)

* Backlash (182,000); Backlash did 200,000 buys in 2008

* Judgment Day (228,000); Judgment Day did 252,000 buys in 2008

* Extreme Rules (213,000); Extreme Rules did 194,000 buys in 2008

* The Bash (178,000); The Bash was not reported in the second quarter of 2008

* Night of Champions is not reported in the second quarter of 2009; Night of Champions did 273,000 buys in 2008

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