WWE Apologize For Firing Several Stars

It has been noted that a few years back, there was always a fear that WWE Superstars would be released at the drop of a hat, when many talents were cut over the years. It is not a regular thing now but there are still numerous stars being released and this week was no different. However, it has come to light that WWE took a new approach with their latest wave of releases.



WWE fans were stunned by the latest talent cuts. The company opted to release several stars in its latest round of cuts. Among those affected are Xyon Quinn, Jinder Mahal, and surprisingly, Xia Li. Additionally, Veer Mahan was unexpectedly released shortly thereafter. Following them, Sanga was also released from the company.

PWInsider reported that no further WWE releases are anticipated at this time. As per the word circulating among talent within the company, the handling of these releases differed from past instances. The calls were described as more apologetic and respectful towards the affected talent, in contrast to the previously more abrupt and business-like approach.

”The word among talents is that the calls to those who were cut were very different from the past.  We are told that the calls were far less curt and more apologetic and respectful towards the talents than they had been under previous Talent Relations regimes. ”

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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