WWE apparently cancelled Humberto title run

Rey Mysterio lost the WWE US Title to Andrade at Madison Square Garden. However, it seems Mysterio was not supposed to be the champion at that time. It was going to be Humberto Carrillo.



According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Andrade was always planned to be the US Champion. However, it seems Andrade was going to beat Humberto Carrillo for the title instead of Rey Mysterio.

There was a plan for Carrillo to win the US Title prior to Survivor Series. Then AJ Styles’ NXT angle “led to some changes and Carrillo lost steam.” Due to this, Mysterio became the US Champion.

The title change wasn’t a change of plans. Andrade was planned for the title, which is why he lost twice to Humberto Carrillo, to get Carrillo into the U.S. title chase. That was planned several weeks back but the NXT angle with A.J. Styles led to some changes and Carrillo lost steam, so they went with Mysterio.

It simply did not work out for Carrillo at that time. Perhaps he will receive a title opportunity eventually.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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