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WWE apparently has a “short list” of released talent they want to rehire

Drew Gulak SmackDown WWE

  • CC

    heh, and they are already working with Angle again, even if its a one off thing

  • CC

    Without a list of names they have shortlisted, this story has very little merit.
    Of course they want to rehire some of these guys at some point, that is the way WWE has always worked.
    How many people on the roster right now have left and come back?
    Morrison, McIntyre, Hardy, MVP, Lashley, Lesnar, Edge, R-Truth, Mahal, Bryan (kinda), Mysterio, Lawler, Booker, Benjamin & Kendrick all spring to mind. It’s the nature of the business. Yes there are people who WWE probably has no interest in working with again (Lio Rush), but it is almost a guarantee that several of the recently released talent will be back.

    Guys like Rusev, Gallows and Anderson would certainly be people WWE wants back at some point, but it is whether they want to come back which is what matters.

  • Keith Learmonth

    Let’s be honest, though: NXT didn’t exactly lose a significant amount of talent, and most of those they did lose will be more than made up for by guys like Hijo del Fantasma, Timothy Thatcher, Dexter Lumis, and Karrion Kross.

    Most of the names they lost were barely on TV, or were enhancement talent, while we’ve recently had at least 4 solid additions to the roster.