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WWE apparently planning a more serious program for US Title picture

WWE has been working hard in order to establish a Latin American star. With Rey Mysterio’s career possibly coming to an end in the near future, Vince McMahon apparently wants a new star.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Andrade’s feud with Rey Mysterio will be used to elevate Andrade. Andrade will be in this program until his next program with another Latin star in WWE.

Originally, and this doesn’t appear to have changed, the idea was for Andrade to have a longer very serious program over the title with Carrillo as a way to get both guys over as singles Latino stars.

With both Andrade and Humberto getting a solid push, there is no doubt they will be huge stars in the company. McMahon certainly wants to secure the Latin American market as much as he can.

  • CC

    Andrade is a fantastic wrestler, but it takes more than that to be the next big Latino star.
    Rey and Eddie are probably the two biggest Latino stars WWE has ever had, and the reason for that was not just down to what they can do in the ring. Rey is one of the most marketable stars with his masks for starters, but he can also deliver promos and really knows how to play the underdog babyface.
    Eddie had such a great personality, whether as a heel or a babyface and the crowds loved him for it.

    Andrade has in ring talent, and that is pretty much it, and I have yet to see anything other than in ring talent from Humberto as well.

    WWE keeps trying to push this and keeps failing because it just is not natural. Rey and Eddie got over with fans naturally due to the things listed above. Sin Cara and Kalisto both felt manufactured, and neither had any charisma or mic skills. Del Rio was ok in the ring, but not exactly mind blowing. And while he could deliver a promo, he was never that likeable (which it turns out pretty much reflects his real life personality).

    WWE just needs to be more choosy and let it happen on its own rather than try to force it.

  • CC

    Shsss, don’t expect them to pay attention to actually WWE shows or articles posted on their own website.

  • MT McGee

    Neither Andrade nor Carillo have what it takes to get over in a big way. Angle Garza does, but he needs another 25lbs or so on him for that to happen.

  • Luke

    …literally two days ago you reported that Humberto’s push was done and there’s nothing on tv that suggests otherwise.