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WWE apparently shortened WWE TLC owing to complaints about length

Womens TLC

WWE TLC was the last pay-per-view of the decade and it was one of the shorter ones. There seems to be a reason for this.

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the company could have added  AJ Styles vs Randy Orton to the card, but decided not to. They ended up having the match on RAW. It was also reported there have been complaints regarding the length of WWE pay-per-views. While it is unknown who made the complaint, the pay-per-view ended before 10:00 PM EST.

Some of this [reason for a shorter TLC PPV] also was because of complaints about shows going so long, so they wanted a shorter show, ending just after 10 p.m.

The next event for WWE will be the Royal Rumble. As has been the case every year, it is likely to be a very long event. We will have to see whether WWE shortens other events as well.

  • jedi

    Sound reasoning

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I’d be ok with a few more “In Your House” type shows. 2hrs was plenty with no fillers a lot of the time

  • Michael Justin Arnold

    I think they mean too long for watching on tv, because I’ve felt that lately. But for sure lots more exciting in the arena.

  • jedi

    I have been to over 15 wwe shows, 2 of then were Wrestlemania. Wm20 & last year. Never have I thought man this show is to long….

  • ROB-1.

    They should put WWE Raw on for 2 hours instead of 3.

  • Sparti Love

    Just drop the Pre-Show. The Pre-Show makes no sense in today’s world, plus it’s too long too. Less is more. I hope the trend continues, we don’t need 25 matches at WM

  • BB

    The main PPVs are fine being long (except for Mania. That being like 6 hours long is wayyy too much). I’m all for the secondary PPVs being kept shorter.