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WWE attempting to make Seth Rollins appear ”cooler”

Seth Rollins is arguably the top babyface in WWE currently. However, quite a few fans do not think highly of him and do not consider him as the top babyface. Owing to this type of fan reception, WWE is attempting to improve his reputation.

WWE has been “desperately” trying to make Seth Rollins appear ”cool” to fans. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that during this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW, WWE attempted it once again with the help of The Street Profits.

Rollins showed up and got mad at them for going “Burn it Down.” But I guess it was all in fun. It felt like the goal, for the second week in a row, was to make Rollins seem cool since the Street Profits are cool

Seth Rollins has to draw more in order to become a universally-loved babyface in the WWE. We will get to know in due time whether WWE’s efforts will bear fruit or not.

Rollins is currently scheduled to face Brock Lesnar at WWE Summerslam for the WWE Universal Title.

  • Luke

    I think part of it is actually his voice and its register. It’s almost nasal. I know that can’t be helped but between that and muttering “who is the MAN” whenever he does something cool in the ring, he comes across a little bit of a nerd.

  • lobsterball

    It’s hard to portray him as cool when his lines and character makes him come off as “love me please!” and he seems to be pandering to the crowd. There’s babyface… then face… then just straight up begging to be liked

  • CC

    Rollins was super hot not that long ago, but then WWE creative started giving him awful lines to say (the whole Lesnar is a Rollins wannabe is probably his closest line to Romans sufferin sucatash), and kept harping on about Becky being his girlfriend and he ends up looking like a douche.
    The best he has looked recently was when he was attacking everyone with chairs .. now that was cool.

  • BB

    I like Rollins but I honestly don’t care for him as a babyface. He just comes off as hokey to me.

  • Whistling Joe

    Making him look like a super mark standing next to DX and the nWo is not the way to do it. Having him around the moron Street Profits is not the way to do it. Putting him in a storyline with Backy Lynch only makes her look bad. None of this worked.

  • oppa

    Try harder