Recent WWE Attendance Figures, News on The Rock’s WWE TV Return

– WWE live event attendance in North America for the month of May was down 3% from May of 2011.



– Here are some recent WWE attendance figures:

* RAW on June 22nd from Bethlehem, PA drew 4,600 fans for $158,000

* RAW on June 23rd in Wheeling, WV drew 3,400 fans for $115,000

* SmackDown on June 23rd in Springfield, IL drew 3,500 fans for $95,000

* RAW on June 24th in Huntington, WV drew 3,000 fans for $90,000

* SmackDown on June 24th in Bloomington, IL drew 3,300 fans for $100,000

* RAW on June 25th in Fort Wayne, IN drew a sellout of 8,500 fans

– Fast 6 starts filming in late July and will run through November. It was known that The Rock wouldn’t be working WWE SummerSlam or anything else major for the rest of the year but the Fast 6 filming pretty much confirms that. With that said, The Rock will likely make at least an appearance on WWE TV before the year is over.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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