WWE Attitude Era Diva Returns To Raw?

AEW just had their newest debut of Mark Henry. Could WWE now be firing back with a legend of their own making a comeback? AEW Female Star Drops Mark Henry Bombshell.



PWInsider reported that Molly Holly was backstage at the recent episode of WWE RAW. Johnson of PWI reports there is the potential of Holly returning to WWE as she is there for a tryout to become a producer for the company.

Molly Holly’s last work with WWE was in 2005. Here we are sixteen years later and she’s on the way back into some type of role.

Molly Holly is greatly respected by the women on the WWE roster. The idea of her coming in to produce things for that division potentially should be seen as a huge positive for all involved and part of a movement that WWE have been stepping towards to be an all inclusive business.

All of this said, the role will most likely NOT lead to Holly being featured on TV as this role is all backstage work which I’m sure Holly is fine with as she already did so much to give back to the business on television.

Many will remember Holly being Hardcore champion as well as having her head shaved in the past.

Special thanks to Sportskeeda for the report.

Dustin Schumacher
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