WWE Attitude Era Stable Returns For NXT

The live crowd in attendance for NXT In Your House were really in for a treat as they saw Triple H and Shawn Michaels cut a D-Generation-X style walk-in appearance. Triple H and Shawn posed and hyped up the crowd before the event started. Sadly, this was the only time the hype was to be seen for the night. Paul Heyman ‘Brings Back’ Former WWE Champion.



Triple H and Shawn (as well as the D-Generation-X stable) were very well known for their antics at many events, but some of the most notable times were at the now revamped In Your House pay-per-view. Shawn was spotted prior to the event hanging out with Karrion Kross as well.

Karrion Kross did win his match tonight and we were in for it after the match ended as it seems that William Regal was not happy at all. After the match, the music hits and Scarlett enters the ring to check on Kross as he recovers. They begin to celebrate as we see others slowly recovering at ringside. We go to replays. Kross and Scarlett stand tall in the ring now.

Kross raises the NXT Title in the air as we see the other 4 challengers slowly recovering at ringside. Kross stares at Scarlett as we go to another replay of the finish and how Kross barked in Kyle’s ear after the bell rang. Kross and Scarlett stand at the In Your House set now.

The camera cuts to the back as McKenzie Mitchell stops NXT General Manager William Regal as he’s exiting his office, walking out to the parking lot. She asks his thoughts on tonight’s “Takeover: In Your House” event. A somber Regal says he’s been General Manager for 7 years and he’s never seen this much bedlam, complete madness. Regal says he thinks it’s time for a change. Regal walks off and McKenzie wonders what that could mean. Takeover goes off the air.

Special thanks to Ringside News for the report on Triple H and Shawn.

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