WWE Attitude Era Star Returns At SummerSlam?

Ah, The Attitude Era. The pinnacle of pro-wrestling to every gen-x and millennial wrestling fan. The storylines were crazy, the action was intense, and the superstars were unforgettable. Could we be possibly served a helping of the Attitude Era at this year’s SummerSlam with a possible return of an Attitude Era star? Let’s find out. Roman Reigns ‘Spoils’ The Rock WrestleMania Return?



Sami Zayn responded to a fan on Twitter that shared a video of Sami Zayn’s former character, El Generico, giving an incredible looking turnbuckle brainbuster to X-Pac’s former character, 1-2-3 Kid.

Sami responded to the fan stating “I asked if I could wrestle him at Summerslam two years ago. @TheRealXPac, that is. Not the other guy.”

X-Pac then responded to Sami Zayn’s response by stating: “I had a few health/injury issues that needed addressing at that time. Now that I’ve taken care of them, there’s always next #SummerSlam…if that’s something people want to see. #wwe”

X-Pac also followed up to state that he meant next year’s SummerSlam and not the SummerSlam that will be coming up. We aren’t sure how long this Zayn and X-Pac talk will stick around or if it will even be warranted by the next showing of SummerSlam, but we will see what happens between the two.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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