WWE Attitude Legend Spoils Return Before Raw

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was asked to return to WWE TV to commemorate the anniversary of the iconic Hell in a Cell match against The Undertaker. The Hardcore Legend stated that he can’t appear because he’ll be on vacation with his family.



Mick Foley opens up on the matter

On June 28th, it will mark the 25th anniversary of Mick Foley and The Undertaker’s Hell in a Cell match from King of the Ring 1998. Both Foley and Undertaker have spoken about this match and done callbacks to it in other pockets of WWE television on multiple occasions.

On the latest Foley Is Pod, Mick revealed that he was ‘just called into action’ to do something on WWE TV to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the match. He added that he first told WWE he would not be able to make it because he’s planning on being on vacation with his family, before later agreeing.

The 28th falls on a Wednesday and Mick said he’d have to give up two-and-a-half days of his time to make the appearance happen.

“I mean look, I was just called into action — I’m not sure if I’m supposed to talk about this — to do something commemorating Hell in a Cell for WWE TV and it happened to be on a day that I’m going to be with my family and it was like, oh man, you know? If it wasn’t The Undertaker, I’m probably not getting on that plane because now I’m giving up two-and-a-half days of my time and greatly altering the family vacation so that I can do this thing, and if it wasn’t the cell, if it wasn’t Undertaker, I wouldn’t be doing it.”

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