WWE Attitude Legend Struggles To Speak After Collapsing

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler has experienced some health complications in the recent past. He recently suffered a stroke and the terrible health event was concerning for the fans. Now, Lawler’s close friend and former colleague Jim Ross has provided a recent update on Lawler’s condition.



Jim Ross provides an update on Jerry Lawler

JR emphasized that the WWE Hall of Famer still has hurdles to overcome. Speaking on his Grilling JR Podcast, Ross shared:

“I talked to Lawler just the other day. He’s still struggling with his health. He’s got good doctors, and they think they have identified many of the issues, but he’s not out of the woods yet in terms of achieving a good level of health.”

Ross further described their conversation, noting that Lawler’s voice starts off weak but grows stronger as they talk and reminisce, sharing laughter and stories.

“As always when we talk, his voice starts off a little bit weak and then it gets stronger as he talks and we laugh and we tell stories with each other.”

Previously, there was also an update on how The King was doing.

Last month, fans received an update on Jerry Lawler that he was out of the ICU. The plan was for him to return home and receive outpatient therapy at that time.

“Jerry is out of ICU & will return to his Florida home for outpatient rehab for his limited speech & cognitive skills. Doctors hopeful for full recovery & Jerry is looking forward to returning to his fans very soon. -Lauryn #LongLiveTheKing

PW Insider recently provided more of an update, as they confirmed that Jerry Lawler has returned to his home in Memphis, Tennessee. He had been in Florida attending that outpatient therapy since then.

“WWE Hall of Famer and Memphis Wrestling legend has recovered enough that he was able to return home to Memphis, TN this morning. 

Lawler had been staying at his home in Florida to undergo outpatient therapy after suffering a stroke in February.”

Jerry Lawler’s health challenges have been widely recognized by fans in recent times, including a life-threatening heart attack in 2012 during a Monday Night RAW broadcast, with Michael Cole stepping in to fill his role during his absence.

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