WWE Attitude Star Hospitalized After Fan Attack

Don Callis, the former ally turned enemy of Kenny Omega, found himself in a shocking and distressing situation following AAA Triplemania XXXI. The event showcased a thrilling rematch between Vikingo and Omega, with Vikingo emerging victorious with a breathtaking 630 Splash. However, the true headline of the night unfolded during the post-show press conference.



As tensions ran high between Omega and Callis, a heated confrontation took place, setting the stage for an intense feud leading up to AEW Blood & Guts. Before security could intervene, Konosuke Takeshita launched an unexpected attack on Omega, escalating the animosity between the two wrestlers.

But amidst the chaos, a horrifying incident unfolded as a fan launched an assault on Don Callis. Seizing the opportunity to express their displeasure with Callis’ words towards Omega, the fan viciously attacked him from behind. The assault was severe, resulting in a broken suit, a concussion to Callis’ eardrum, and a split lip from the altercation.

Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer provided further insight into the incident, emphasizing that everything prior had been part of the scripted narrative, but this assault was a genuine and disturbing act. Callis, caught off guard, vehemently shouted profanities at his assailant as security swiftly intervened to pull them apart. The aftermath left Callis furious and reeling from not only the physical injuries but also the violation of his personal safety.

“Everything was an angle up to that point, but then a fan who was apparently upset about what Don had said to Kenny jumped Don from behind, ripped his suit, concussed his eardrum and busted open his mouth while he was trying to choke out Don from behind,” Alvarez said. “ Don was screaming profanities at the fan before he was pulled off, and was said to be livid afterwards.”

Reports revealed that the attack inflicted additional injuries on Callis, including damage to his neck and ankle. Recognizing the seriousness of his condition, Callis was immediately transported to San Diego for specialized medical attention. Alvarez reiterated that this incident was in no way planned or orchestrated, making it clear that the assault was an actual act of aggression.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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