WWE Ban Big Name From WrestleMania

WWE has is quite strict and selective regarding the fan signs and many people are aware of this. While being able to express themselves in signs is a great thing, the company does not necessarily allow just about anything. It turns out that the legend of Brad Shepard found its way to WWE.



WWE confiscates signboard at WrestleMania 38

Brad Shepard has a reputation for being accurate when it comes to naming WWE Hall Of Fame inductees. Not only that, but Shepard also has a good track record in regard to merchandise sales over the last 4 years. Other breaking stories appear on his social media timelines, but his hot takes also see him as a villain for so many. Brad Shepard recently took to Twitter and confirmed that WWE had confiscated a sign with his name on it. This sign read that Shepard was a close personal friend of that fan.

“I can confirm the sign with my name was confiscated in the arena on the hard cam side. You cannot stop the #UNLEASHEDArmy! BOOOOO! #WWE#WrestleMania#WrestleMania38”


In other news, Randy Orton praised his tag-team partner Riddle in a post-match interview after watching his tag team partner’s athletic RKO at WrestleMania Sunday. RK-Bro defeated Alpha Academy and The Street Profits in the opening match of the night to retain the RAW Tag Team Championship. In the closing stages of the 11-minute contest, Riddle leaped off the top rope to hit Montez Ford with a springboard RKO.

While speaking to WWE interviewer Sarah Schreiber after their match, Orton congratulated Riddle on his unique execution of the legendary move:

“You needed your WrestleMania moment,” said Orton. “I know this wasn’t your first WrestleMania, but you needed a WrestleMania moment, man. You did something that I could never do with the RKO, and that’s a springboard off the top rope. Brother, that was sick. That was sick.”

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