WWE Botch Brock Lesnar Blading At Backlash

WWE showed Brock Lesnar blatantly blading himself with a blade inside his glove at WWE Backlash in his loss against Cody Rhodes before he bled, as seen below.




Cody Rhodes was in AEW in the past with Joey Janela, but both eventually left. Joey Janela, a former AEW wrestler, has been making headlines recently for his social media antics. One of his recent posts involved him admitting to enjoying a glory hole, and now it seems he has tried to pull a prank on none other than Hulk Hogan.

Janela, who was a part of karaoke night at Hogan’s Beach Shop, revealed on Twitter that he disguised himself and convinced Hogan that his friend Jimmy Lloyd was dying of a disease. He even managed to take a picture with Hogan under false pretenses.

The wrestler, known for his attention-seeking behavior, stated on Twitter that he changed his outfit and let his hair down so that Hogan didn’t recognize him. Janela then told Hogan that Lloyd had only a few weeks to live due to a disease, and convinced him to take the photograph with him and his friend.

Janela’s antics aren’t limited to his interactions with Hulk Hogan. Recently, he was seen getting frisky with a mascot at the Devils-Rangers game, proving that he will go to great lengths to keep himself relevant on social media.

While Janela may no longer be a part of AEW, he has certainly managed to keep his name in the headlines with his attention-grabbing behavior. It remains to be seen what other stunts he has in store for his followers.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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