WWE Breaking Up Popular SmackDown Tag Team

Xero News took to Twitter and reported that The Brawling Brutes will break up, with Butch leaving the group and returning to being Pete Dunne. In addition to that, he will turn heel as well.



Butch will be leaving the Brawling Brutes soon, returning to Pete Dunne and going heel

Pete Dunne held the NXT UK Championship for a remarkable 685 days. With his exceptional in-ring skills and captivating persona, Dunne garnered a devoted fan base. However, his journey didn’t stop there, as he transitioned to NXT and engaged in numerous memorable feuds and matches. Despite fans expressing their discontent, Dunne remained determined to embrace a new gimmick that was presented to him.

In an unexpected turn of events, Dunne made his way to Friday Night SmackDown in March of the previous year. Much to the astonishment of the audience, his name was changed to Butch, causing an immediate uproar among fans. The WWE faced widespread criticism for the decision, as passionate supporters of Dunne voiced their discontent and disappointment.

During an appearance on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Butch addressed the change in his character and the backlash it received. He expressed his desire to wholeheartedly embrace the given gimmick, regardless of the negative reception from fans.

Butch acknowledged that as a performer, there are instances when one must adapt to different roles and characters. Having been primarily associated with a serious persona throughout his tenure in NXT, he had reached a point where he believed he could be a prominent figure in the brand. However, plans changed, and he found himself in a different direction.

In response to the situation, Butch adopted a mindset of embracing any role or character he was presented with, whether it be serious, comedic, or emotionally charged. He emphasized his willingness to explore all facets of his performance and hoped that when his career reaches its conclusion, people would remember him for his incredible matches, ability to make them laugh, or even evoke a sense of sadness.

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