WWE Brings Back the DX Shirt, More from AXXESS, Scramble Before the PPV

– Another match taped at AXXESS in Los Angeles saw The Hurricane defeat Paul Burchill. Afterward, Helms, Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore got in the ring to celebrate. Howard Finkel interviewed Helms who said after the comeback, it was worth it for him to be able to celebrate it with his two best friends.



– The DX Army t-shirt we posted about the other day was added back to the WWE shop website shortly before DX made their entrance at tonight’s pay-per-view. Maybe the shirt was yanked off the website to avoid spoiling anything about DX’s entrance at SummerSlam.

– Before tonight’s SummerSlam hit the air, there was a mad scramble among WWE employees with over 20 people including referees changing the ring apron over.

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