WWE Cancel Huge Brock Lesnar Match?

Olympic Gold Medalist Gable Steveson recently signed a deal with WWE and it has been decided that he will start with the company once he finishes at the University of Minnesota. There have been reports stating he would have a match with Brock Lesnar down the road. It has been noted how the company has been promoting the signing and they even aired packages during Raw to proclaim that Vince McMahon’s company bagged a huge signing.



Brock Lesnar vs Gable Steveson has not been planned yet

Steveson is set to train to become a WWE Superstar in a remote facility while he finishes up his time at the University of Minnesota. The fans will be eager to wait and witness the transitioning of his incredible amateur wrestling skills into the sports entertainment world. WWE Firing Big Names After Samoa Joe Injury?

A report recently suggested that WWE is already planning Brock Lesnar vs Gable Steveson as a “passing-of-the-torch” like moment. The idea of that match excited a lot of fans, but it turns out that it is something that has not been chalked out yet.

Ringside News reported that they had asked around about any future plans for the aforementioned bout but they reported that WWE “can’t plan two straight weeks of RAW. You think we’re planning Brock vs Gable already?

We will see if that match eventually takes place.

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