WWE Capitol Punishment: Booker T and ‘Barack Obama’ Segment

– We go to the stage and the fake Barack Obama comes out to a podium. He tells us thank you about twenty times and says he has some great WWE memories. Obama says every Monday night when he tells people he’s working on the budget, he’s up in his office watching RAW. He says if he were RAW General Manager, we would see a lot more Jim Ross and less Michael Cole. Obama wishes good luck to John Cena and the crowd boo’s. He wishes good luck to R-Truth and that seems to get a better reaction. He goes on and thanks everyone again before walking off. Booker T speaks up and stops Obama from leaving. Booker invites Obama down to the ring.



Booker says it’s a pleasure to meet Obama and talks about him making history by being the first black President and winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Booker T asks him if he can do the spin-a-rooni however. Booker’s music hits and he shows the fake Obama how it’s done. Booker asks us if we want to see the Barack-O-rooni. The music hits and Obama starts dancing before hitting a weak-a-rooni to end the segment.

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