WWE Capitol Punishment: The Miz and R-Truth Backstage

– A limousine pulls up backstage and out steps R-Truth with the WWE Title. He says the champion is in the house. Truth says he’s got a party to go to. He runs into Eve Torres and invites her. She says she doesn’t even know who he is anymore. He says she’s right, she doesn’t know. He says nobody knows who he is anymore. Truth goes on to Eve before walking off.



– We see The Miz backstage with Todd Grisham. Grisham says the critics are asking if he has what it takes to beat Alex Riley. Miz says really? Is this how far his career has sunk in the last month? Miz says he is a former WWE Champion and is sick of hearing about Alex Riley. Miz says Riley was only good for carrying his briefcase. Miz puts Riley down some more and says he can go back to being someone’s bag carrier after tonight. Miz says he’s going to show the world tonight the fine line between luck and awesome.

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