WWE Caught Writers Betting On WrestleMania

For a long time, WWE was banned from being bet on as WWE falls under the category that movies do, meaning-that the outcome is already scripted and pre-determined. All it would take is an insider to give someone the endings to all of the matches and then whoever got the info could get all of the winnings from the betting. Times have seemingly changed however with the coming of DraftKings and other sports better apps, but insiders are in on the action now to get a payday. WWE Fire Big Raw Name At WrestleMania?



News on WWE betting comes direct to us from none other than the dynamic duo of Vince Russo and Billi Bhatti. Let’s listen in to their newest episode of ‘The Nitty Gritty Dirt Show’ to get the scoop.

Billi Bhatti: “A lot of the traders have relationships with each other. So, if a trader calls a trader and goes ‘Why did you move Seth Rollins from an underdog to a favorite when Seth Rollins when Seth Rollins was a favorite for the Royal Rumble?’ very, very, quickly-between one or two calls, every trader moves Seth Rollins. Then they’ll go ‘We got a very suspicious bet from an account that was registered in Stanford (WWE HQ) who put $5000 on Seth Rollins to win The Royal Rumble.’

Billi continues: “Okay, so now every book needs to make Seth Rollins 20:1 to be the favorite. So, WWE will be aware of the line action. DraftKings need to move the line accordingly and WWE will know if there are huge bets. WWE will also know the names of who is placing bets (this is important for them knowing about writers).

Billi finishes: “I know a cameraman who gambles, but he probably doesn’t bet with his own account. WWE will be able to know who places $10,000 bets.”

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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