WWE ‘Censor’ CM Punk On Smackdown

WWE are not happy at all with John Cena as he recently referenced CM Punk in a promo on Smackdown when he was seen toe to toe with Roman Reigns as the two went back and forth on the mic. It’s clear that John is in hot water…AEW Star ‘Furious’ With Pregnancy News.



The Twitter account that is WWE on Fox tweeted out a clip of John Cena referencing CM Punk just moments ago. The schtick that Cena pulled on Roman was that he (John Cena) would take the belt from Roman, hop the barricade, and blow Roman a kiss before he stormed out of the arena at SummerSlam with his new gold.

This tweet was later deleted rather quickly by the Twitter account which leads me to believe that WWE never gave the go ahead for Cena to say any of that, or for the tweet to be made. It’s most likely an off the cuff shoutout to John Cena’s friend, CM Punk as the two are/were actually rather close.

This also comes at a time where it was stated by an insider that as of this morning (at the time of writing this) that CM Punk officially signed with AEW and that he would be a weekly feature on the show. We will have to see if John Cena gets buried for the comments made on Smackdown.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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