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WWE Clash Of Champions Results (9/15)

  • CC

    And lets face it, coming up to this show there were zero rumours about Harper returning.
    This is another reason why I think all these stories about this angle being changed because nobody knows what is happening in it, and about it supposedly being dropped from Summerslam due to not enough build are all BS.
    I think his was the plan all along, and WWE has played everyone.

    How else did they keep his return so quiet?
    Hell, we kept seeing “updates” on Banks and her negotiations with WWE when she wanted out, but absolutely zero from Harper after his social media post other than “Vince sees no value in Harper”.

  • CC

    I know AJ only has the US title compared to Kofi and his WWE title, but AJ is the far bigger star of the two so while putting him on the preshow gives people more reason to watch, he has more star power than many on the main roster tonight and deserved a longer match.
    While yes, I can see this leading to a rematch probably at the next PPV, I still think it sold both men short as they could both put on a killer match compared to what we got with Orton and Kofi.

    To be honest, I am mostly surprised that it was not one of the tag team matches that was bumped to the preshow, especially the womens one which nobody cares about, including WWE themselves.

  • Dirt McGirt

    Kofi is just dull and Orton is rarely motivated to put on a good match. I didn’t have a problem with AJ being on the pre-show only because that match had the least amount of build. I would imagine WWE rematches them some time in the near future.

  • Keith Learmonth

    I’m convinced that WWE is deliberately “leaking” those kinds of rumours now, so that it’s a bigger deal when it turns out to not be true. They’re using the dirt sheets to help build storylines.

  • Wicka Steve

    Funny you should make the comparison to Wyatt, because I was thinking that just like Samoa Joe, Strowman is the Eater of Pins.

  • CC

    The biggest problem I have with them trying to make Strowman look strong is if that is what they want, why have him lose two matches on one PPV? He went in with one title and the potential of leaving with two, but came away with none.

    I just do not understand why every world title match he gets put in, he loses. WWE should only put him in title matches now if they are gonna let him win at last. He seems to be the new Bray Wyatt (I am talking pre-Funhouse Bray) where he talks a good fight but cannot back it up once he is in a big match.

  • CC

    This was a very “heel” centric PPV.
    Only face winners were Kofi & Seth in singles bouts and Bliss/Cross in the womens tag match.
    And even then, only reason it was that many is Rollins/Strowman was face vs face.

    Gulack, Styles, Rowan, Revival, Banks, Bayley, Roodolph & Nakamura all came away with heel wins (although no title for Banks obviously).

    Overall it was a good PPV. Only really weak match for me was Orton/Kingston as it was just so damn slow and boring. It should have been the short match and Styles/Alexander should have been given longer (and been on the main card).

  • Brad Grillakis

    It’s supposed to be “Monster Among Men.” It’s supposed to be hard to pin big strong guys like Strowman and Lesnar. I don’t feel the curb stomp makes it look weak. They way they portray it, if others like styles, mccyntyre, orton, etc did kick out 3+ times Id agree, but I don’t think it works on big guys like Strowman and Lesnar. Otherwise it would make them weak.

  • Wicka Steve

    This might have been the best WWE PPV of the year; I really enjoyed the show. All the right people won. I really like the finish used in the Bayley match, but charlotte had no business being in the match and Bayley shouldn’t have to cheat to beat her. I fully expect Lesnar to destroy Kofi in a couple of weeks to win that title, so I was okay with Kofi winning tonight. Great to see Harper back. I was surprised how much I enjoyed that match. The last time I was surprised how much I liked a match that I had such low expectations for was like 5 or 6 years ago when Orton and Kane had their street fight. Didn’t think they should have used 4 stomps in the last match. After Strowman kicked out of the first, Rollins should have just hit one more and then the Pedigree. I know they wanted to keep Strowman looking strong, but it made the stomp look very weak.

  • CC

    Just like the one where they are “protecting” Strowman to not make him look weak.
    Of the one where Reigns/Rowan were gonna headline.

  • Samuel

    “Vince McMahon does not see any value in Luke Harper” lol that article didnt age well.