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WWE Concerned over AJ Styles’ Health, More Releases Expected and Details Why

  • WWE made the decision to withdraw AJ Styles from competing at this Tuesday’s SmackDown taping as they are concerned the ‘Phenomenal One’ is working through several injuries now and has been working a gruelling travelling schedule since he joined the company. The hope is that the rest period will allow Styles to heal in time for his main-event show down at Extreme Rules against Roman Reigns.
  • More WWE releases are expected to be announced in due course after last Friday’s round of ‘future endeavours.’ Since then, the Brooklyn Brawler’s 30-year-run with the company has been severed, Christian’s performance contract has been terminated and Adam Rose has been indefinitely suspended. In terms of timeline, the next set of cuts is expected after the upcoming Extreme Rules pay-per-view according to PWInsider. Considering WWE will be fostering their largest-ever roster in the next month according to Vince McMahon,  releases are being made to accommodate for new talent.

  • AmishPatel

    Referencing those releases, or whatever you want to call them, was more in relation to slimming the roster to make way for new talent.

  • CC

    Christians performance contract has nothing to do with the cuts and neither does Roses suspension.
    Christian was “retired” by WWE as a performer ages ago, and they probably just waited until his performer contract expired rather than just cancel it.