WWE confirms John Cena for Fastlane

We noted before how John Cena was being advertised for the upcoming SmackDown Exclusive PPV Fastlane despite not making any appearances for the brand in a while.



However, the advertisement was done by the arena for the event and not the company itself which made many believe that things will change and Cena will likely not appear at the show.

Although WWE recently updated the official page for Fastlane on WWE.com and the featured image on the page as seen below officially confirmed Cena’s presence at the PPV:

Though it’s worth mentioning here that despite the rumors of him wrestling at the show, at this point it’s not confirmed what the Leader Of Cenation will be doing at the PPV.

Fastlane will take place on March 11, 2018, at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio and the main event of the show will see AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship against 4 other stars.

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