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Is WWE considering bringing back Mauro Ranallo?

According to a report from Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the WWE bringing back Mauro Ranallo, despite his rough relationship with the company, isn’t completely out of the question. Meltzer noted that a return for Ranallo¬†“is not a dead issue.” There have been talks to bring him back, however, the talks have not been serious.

We’ll keep you updated….

  • Arnold Jackson

    I hope they do bring him back. He was a nice change of pace from the cookie cutter Michael Cole clones they shove on us all the time. Cole is boring, awful and robotic. Mauro at least gave the impression it was a fight and was an interesting wrestling nerd like Matt Striker.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    You are not the only person who notice this I have enjoy Smackdown a lot better since Tom Phillips took over. The 4 guys broadcasting thing something was not right. Like I said something just don’t work out. Mauro Ranallo should stick with what he knows MMA.

  • mftom

    Typical Mike Diaz reporting !

  • JAckh45

    I never saw the hype behind him… He constantly got names of moves and even payperviews wrong, but everyone the world over loved him. I think Tom Phillips is better but I guess coming from someone who actually enjoys Cole, I’m already the most unpopular of opinions haha.

  • CC

    There have been talks, but they were not serious? Then there have not really been any talks. All that basically is saying is there is an open door for his return somewhere down the line, but WWE has no interest right now.