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WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore suspended among sexual assault allegations

Enzo amore

On January 22nd, Twitter user @missguciwitch came out with a post accusing Enzo Amore of rape. The woman tweeted out an account involving herself, Amore and his friends Tyler Grosso and @TooPoor_

His accuser tweeted:

Tyler & TOOPOOR invited me to their friend’s hotel to hand out with their friend & I went. Basically they got me so f***ed up (coke, meth, weed) I went into psychosis. The guy told TOOPOOR & Tyler that he was gonna rape me & at first they were like “please don’t like you really shouldn’t” but then they gave up and were like “okay have fun” TOOPOOR kissed me on the cheek & they left me there with them. It was such a brutal rape like I’m still so f***ed up from it I haven’t had sex since October which is when it happened. I’m in the process of pressing charges.

The original question TOOPOOR asked me is if I would suck Enzo’s d**k. I said possibly but if I wasn’t down we could all just hang out. They got me way f**ked up & they left knowing what was about to happen. When Enzo the WWE guy stared coming on to me I was passed out on the couch. I said “I want to get to know you first before doing anything.” He replied “B**** I have 1million followers on Instagram…you should be begging for this d**k” & then he restrained me and it happened. I never would be this dramatic about something like this but I want you all to know that I would’ve left if I could. I was in psychosis- I had no idea what was going on. I remember bits & pieces & I have constant flashbacks..My mental issues have been the worst ever and I suffer from PSTD from it.

WWE responded immediately after the accusations became public, suspending Amore effectively immediately. The Phoenix Police Department is already investigating the incident.

WWE has zero tolerance for matters involving sexual harassment or sexual assault. Until this matter is resolved, Eric Arndt (aka Enzo Amore) has been suspended.

Amore hasn’t been stripped of the title as of yet, but it’s clear that his feud with Cedric Alexander is put on hold until further notice.

  • Jesus Ortiz

    Outpatient or inpatient?

  • ClauDee

    I was in a facility last year – and I had my phone….

  • Jesus Ortiz

    No you don’t. They take your phone from you the moment your admitted. I know I’m a paramedic, and I’ve been taken ppl to mental hosptials for over a decade. The main reason they take your phone from you, is that most phones have camera’s on them with which is a privacy violation.

  • Brad Grillakis

    if he’s guilty, i agree … but it’s still under investigation by police … so why not wait till investigation done before making that judgement on your “no tolerance” and releasing him? Everyone has a right to due process. This don’t look like due process but rush to judgement.

  • CC

    If the rumour of why he was released is true, then he has not helped himself either.
    The rumour seems to be that when she reported the incident to the police back in October, he was made aware of it by the police, as you would expect, but decided to keep it hidden from WWE.
    That to WWE makes him look more guilty.

    If she is lying, I hope she gets a nice big prison sentence, and Enzo gets a big fat compensation cheque.
    But if he is the one lying, he deserves to have his nuts removed .. without anesthetic.

  • Brad Grillakis

    agree but women pass on lies too to ruin men’s lives and career … until their is proof you can’t believe every accusation thrown out at men

  • ClauDee

    You still got your phone in a mental health facility – so it’s no problem to tweet from there…

  • CC

    Seeing as they have now released him, there may be more truth to it than some people believe.
    Still waiting to see what the outcome is before I pass judgement, but the initial reports left out a lot of facts such as the fact she did report the incident back in Oct and even had the rape kit test.

  • M

    Will that’s disappointing to hear. I’ve actually been enjoying his angle with Nia Jax. Hopefully all of this will come to light pretty quickly as I’m sick of all of these jumps to conclusion regarding sexual assault. All you have to do is cry wolf and here comes the axe.

  • Kenneth Taylor

    As many ppl have pointed out, her story doesnt add up. She claims to have been in a mental health facility for 45 days, but was posting on twitter the whole time, even claiming to be using drugs. Yet another example of a person making claims with no proof. Now cue the white knights to virtue signal about how she must be believed.

  • Soulshroude

    Where’s the “Rape Kit” for proof. Otherwise, it’s just another one of “those” types of “incidents”. Enzo might be an *sshole, but is he this much of one…? Too many women these days coming up with false allegations just because of a stupid “women’s rights” movement. Yeah, I said it!!