WWE Crush Hour

World Wrestling Entertainment™ Crush Hour takes the intensity, competitiveness and brute strength from the squared circle and drops it into the world of car combat. More than twenty WWE Superstars jump into their Super Cars bringing the pain to the streets. Layeth the rubber down in the Rock’s™ speedster, cruise and bruise in the Hardy Boys’™ souped up Woody or pummel the competition in the Big Show’s™ diesel. It’s going to take more than a three count to win in this arena.




# Experience brutal vehicular carnage with top WWE Superstars in their first ever car combat experience
# More than 20 personalized WWE Superstar vehicles including exotic sports cars, 4×4’s and semis
# Compete in multiple match types, including ladder and hardcore matches modified for insane car combat
# Engage in battle across 12 destructible levels littered with deadly traps and hazards
# Annihilate opponents with multiple weapon types customized for each vehicle or grab weapon power pick ups to really put the hurtin’ on your opponent
# Unparalleled car combat driving physics with the “Powerslide Advantage” for quick 180° turns, strafing attacks and pinpoint cornering
# On-the-fly commentary from the WWE’s own Jim Ross™


Publisher: THQ
Developer: Pacific Coast Power and Light
Origin: U.S.
Number of Players: 2
Released: March 2003

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