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WWE To Cut Down on PPV Events in 2017

  • D2K

    They would have to fire EVERYONE in the creative department for that to work, which would obviously be a good thing.

  • D2K

    The fact that you have two major shows where you get PPV caliber matches every week makes having so many PPV superfluous. They need to go back to the original 4 PPVs to make them special again. Back in the late 80s into early 90s they had the perfect set up.

    Four major PPVs, and Saturday Night’s Main Event to be the buffer in-between PPVs. I personally would not mind seeing a SNME return where you could have RAW v Smackdown matches highlight each show, but I don’t think that they would ever resurrect it again.

  • MindTricked

    Thank the Maker. Honestly, there are just TOO DAMN MANY. The brand split made things incredibly worse, as they now feel the need to throw one at us seemingly every 2-3 weeks. It’s overkill.

    Ideally, I’d like to see no more than eight well-spaced PPVs – the traditional big four plus PPVs to bridge those gaps as well as build up the big four.

  • Dubs

    I would love to see it back to the big 4 with real storylines played out over them like in the old days.
    I know it is a new era but a lot of fans are fed up with quick and pointless storylines with one PPV and highspot filled matches.

    Then several months later there is another feud by the same guys but no one remembers the previous,

  • Thank goodness! What they have now is seriously too much. One a month is bad enough but when they have more than that, its just too much and you don’t have near enough time to properly develop the story for the matches in 3 weeks. I think their storylines would improve greatly if they did quarterly PPVs.