WWE Day of Reckoning

CAW Entrance Templates
Platform: GameCube
Code: 47066



01: Goldberg
02: Ultimo Dragon
03: Hulk Hogan
04: Scott Hall
05: Scotty 2 Hotty/ Grandmaster Sexy
06: (fists next to crotch then lifts up arms as HHH does on apron, but on stage)
07: (does the Outsiders sign and poses like Orton does on stage with hands out)
08: Raven
09: Brock Lesnar
10: Bradshaw (not JBL)
11: Matt Hardy (v.1)
12: Kevin Nash
13: Jeff Hardy
14: (Bends down and lifts arms in a jumping stance)
15: Stacy Keibler or Billy Gunn
16: (Walks regularly into ring and looks around)
17: Scott Steiner
18: D-Von Dudley/Buh Buh Dudley
19: Goldust

Complete the skill tests at the end of the tutorial mode for quick cash. You can earn:
$9000 from the basic lecture skill test
$3000 from the applied lecture test
$4000 from the special lecture test

Unlockable: Arenas
SummerSlam: $400
Royal Rumble: $400
Unforgiven: $500
No Way Out: $400
No Mercy: $500
WrestleMania: $500
Survivor Series: $500
Heat: $200
Armageddon: $500
House Show: $200

Unlockable: Legends
Andre the Giant: Beat Stage 1 of Story Mode
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine: Beat Stage 2 of Story Mode
Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake: Beat Stage 2 of Story mode
Bret “Hit Man” Hart: Complete Beat 3 of Story Mode

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