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WWE discussing an ALL Women show for later this year


  • Rinn13

    The problem with this is: This isn’t Shimmer. Or Shine. Or Glow. Or JPW, or the Senai Girls, etc.

    This is WWE. This is a promotion with women’s divisions. Many indie promotions don’t have women’s divisions. Companies like Shimmer were created to give women the spotlight for that exact reason. Making a “women only” WWE show is just a gimmick. It would be no different than having a “Cruiserweight only” or “Tag Team Only” event. It’s nothing terribly special.

    And I’m sorry, the fact that IF they have a WM main evented by a women’s match, it will most likely be Rousey in that mean event, is gross.

  • Mike the Ike

    First we had the Greatest Sexist Royal Rumble for the backwards people of the middle east, now we’re getting the Greatest Estrogen Royal Rumble for those of us in the 21st century.

  • CC

    I have no issues with the womens division, but do not think it is strong enough to hold the attention of most wrestling fans.
    You have a handful of genuine “draws”, but the rest are basically just fluff to pad the division out.

    Hell, even the genuine talent who do have popularity (Becky Lynch) are often so badly handled, that a lot of fans do not care less.

    Done right, it could be fantastic, but WWE would need to invest a lot more time and effort into the division prior to this to make it a viable show.