WWE ‘Disrespect’ Jeff Hardy Before WrestleMania

WWE left out Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy from their top 10 loudest WrestleMania pops list, despite their WrestleMania 33 return being one of WWE’s loudest pops ever. A huge Sasha Banks WrestleMania spoiler just leaked.



Matt Hardy tweeted, “For everyone who’s tweeted me, our WM33 return isn’t included because I’m now at @AEW. I’ve always felt it’s a damaging practice to selectively revise history with diehard fans. You tell me, should our WM33 return be on this list?”

Jeff Hardy isn’t on the WrestleMania 37 card and has been buried on television in recent months. Matt Hardy quit WWE to go to AEW last year, and was buried on Raw by Randy Orton before departing.

Roman Reigns is set to face Edge and Daniel Bryan for the Universal Title at WrestleMania, while Seth Rollins will wrestle Cesaro.

Rollins said on Talking Smack, “The thing about Cesaro is… and I said it last night. There are levels, okay? There are levels and there is a reason that Cesaro has never had the spotlight at WrestleMania.

A reason! Do you know what that reason is? Do you understand what that reason is? That reason is because he is not as good as me. There are people who are on my level. Roman Reigns is on my level. There are people who understand it. Paul Heyman has been around greatness his entire career. There are people who understand that… who get greatness. I’m one of those people.”

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