WWE Diva Assault Investigation Leaks After Death

The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service has responded to a FOIA request from Wrestling-Online.com regarding Ashley Massaro’s 2006 rape allegations at a military base in Kuwait. While partially upholding the request, the names of those involved and the Special Agent conducting the investigation, along with other personal information, have been redacted.



The investigation began in June 2019 following a report from the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations about Massaro’s sexual abuse allegations at the Naval Clinic aboard Camp Life Support Area in Kuwait. AFOSI and the US Army Criminal Investigation Division initiated the initial investigation, later transferring the case to NCIS after exhausting leads.

The AFOSI’s report revealed that Massaro was treated in 2006 at Camp LSA by a former US Navy Lt Physician Assistant. However, no subject, scene, or witnesses were identified, and the reported victim had passed away. The case was closed due to the lack of prosecutorial venue in the NCISRU Corpus Christi, TX area.

A review of Massaro’s medical record by a US Navy OB/GYN Speciality Leader did not support the sexual assault allegations made in her affidavit. Several inconsistencies were noted in Massaro’s and others’ statements during the investigation. A servicewoman stationed at the U.S. Navy in Kuwait during the alleged crime’s timeframe claimed no knowledge of the Camp Life Support Area, and civilians were not treated at her facility.

The NCIS report included an interview with the US Navy Lt Physician Assistant who treated Massaro, recalling her visit as a Sunday when he was off duty. Massaro, accompanied by an unfamiliar male, complained of abdominal and pelvic pain. The Physician Assistant, however, did not witness any signs of distress or indications of sexual assault. Obviously, these are very serious matters and only time will tell if justice will be served.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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