WWE Diva Bold Message To Goldberg Revealed

WWE NXT star Wendy Choo made a new tweet about the NXT parking lot having as many wins as Goldberg.



WWE recently have been particular about which fan signs will make it to the shows. The fans at the shows have often noted how the company could omit the fan signs. It turned out that the latest edition of Monday Night RAW did not feature any signs. It is unclear whether this will continue moving ahead.

WWE did not permit fans to carry the signs

Jerry Massey, one of the audience members outside the venue, took to Twitter to revealed that WWE apparently was not letting signs in for the latest show. This was quite a shock, but he also provided photo evidence.

The fan stated that the times have changed with WWE confiscating signs. He said that the signs were a major part of the atmosphere, and the arena used to be full of them back in the day. The user also posted a video of all the signs that have been taken from the audience so far.

Hearing #WWE is not letting signs in for #WWERAW tonight. Times have changed. I remember going to shows back in the day and the arenas were full of signs. They really added to the atmosphere. Tonight, every sign has been confiscated so far. Here’s a sample.

Some fans might make their way into the arena with a sign, but it will likely be confiscated if they risk putting it up. This supposed shift could have a number of causes. There is a possibility that fans might hoist up a sign referencing to the recent controversial matters in WWE, whether it is regarding Vince McMahon or Sasha Banks and Naomi’s walk out.


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