WWE Diva Botch During Raw Title Win Leaks

Nikki Cross captured the 24/7 Championship on the latest edition of Monday Night RAW after she defeated Dana Brooke and made a hilarious botch afterward.



Nikki Cross botched

Following the match, Nikki headed backstage and appeared to throw the championship in the trash but completely missed the bin. The star wasn’t even looking at what she was doing when she missed the trash can. She was seen in a catatonic state as she walked around. Cross has become the third woman in WWE to put a championship in the trash. Madusa was the first when she was the WWF Women’s Champion, and Cora Jade recently binned her NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship.

WWE initially tweeted a video of the title being thrown in the trash but has since deleted it. The 24/7 Championship has been part of many entertaining segments on WWE TV over the past few years. However, as it seems, Triple H has now brought it to an end.

Nikki Cross was the perfect person to bin the title since she could do so seamlessly, despite a slight error in the execution. Fans have noted that the 24/7 Championship hasn’t been featured on TV since Triple H took over. Instead, it has become a side act as part of recent live events until this week on WWE RAW.

It appears as though Triple H has changed his mind about bringing back the championship, but it could have just been his way of scrapping it for good. The title doesn’t have to be taken out of the trash can now.


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