WWE Diva Calls For Vince McMahon ‘Removal’

Vince McMahon, Triple H, and WWE have all been receiving backlash recently for letting go of a decent amount of WWE stars. What makes matters even worse is seeing how WWE treats the superstars after they are let go by the company. We now have even more superstars speaking up against injustices that not only they have seen, but have also experienced first hand when their time was up in the company. CM Punk ‘Buries’ Triple H WWE Firing.



A name that we haven’t heard from is Maria Kanellis (Bennett). Maria has just spoken out on behalf of Mickie James as more and more news seems to swarm in about James receiving a severance package from WWE of what seemed to be her ring gear and anything left in the locker room. The items sent to Mickie James were found in a box and within that box was a trash bag which was sent to her.

James took to Twitter to vent her frustrations as Triple H then tried to clear the air by firing the person in charge of sending those items to James. Maria caught wind of this and responded to a tweet from a fan.

The tweet from the fan stated: “@MariaLKanellis I’m sure you’d be happy to know that that person was fired.”

Maria, quick to respond asked: “Was the person also fired from 2010? This is not the fault of that one individual. It is a company wide cultural problem. It comes from the top. @peacocktv @wwe.” Alluding to the fact that she and others have been treated the same way, she appears to be referring to Vince and the head honchos. She appeared to be trying to get Vince and WWE in trouble with Peacock by tweeting them, which would get them removed from the platform.

Dustin Schumacher
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