WWE Diva Caught Dating Two Male Stars

Renee Dupree signed with WWE back in 2002. About a year later, he made his main roster debut. After having a four-year run on Monday Night RAW and SmackDown, Renee Dupree made his way back to FCW in 2007 and shared a locker room with them. This included sharing a locker room with Brooke Adams.



During the latest episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast, Dupree recalled finding out that his then FCW co-worker Brooke Adams was dating two men simultaneously.

“So, I was in FCW at the time she was dating, remember Dan Rodimer… I was living in Houston… And I was living in Spring… So, after I did like a week or so in FCW, I drove to Tampa all the way from Houston… So, I get to my house in Spring and I join up to LA Fitness. As I get in there, you know how you have to right out like what you do for a living, your employment. I said WWE and this guy is reading and is like, ‘oh, you know Brooke Adams? Yeah, that’s my girlfriend.

The former World Tag Team Champion was surprised by what the LA Fitness employee said. Hence, Dupree had a brief chat with him.

“I go, ‘really?! Your girlfriend!’ I go, ‘I just saw her in Florida.’ [The guy says] ‘yeah, we’re playing phone tags. So, this b*tch was like a sugar baby working all these guys because she was dating Rodimer and she had a boyfriend who was managing LA Fitness in Spring where she’s from,

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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