WWE Diva Got In Trouble For Having Baby

The WWE has made significant strides towards creating a more inclusive work environment, one that recognizes and respects the personal lives of its Superstars. One of the most notable ways they’ve done this is by providing time off, including pregnancy leave, which was not always the case during Vince McMahon’s tenure.



Joy Giovanni, a former WWE Superstar, recently spoke about her time with the company and how different it was compared to the current culture. According to her, having children was “unacceptable” back then, though it was not explicitly stated in writing. However, the culture made it clear that having children was considered a liability and undesirable for Superstars.

During a live television event, Carmella DeCesare revealed that Joy Giovanni was a mother, which prompted Stephanie McMahon to pull Joy aside and confirm the truth. As a result of this revelation, Giovanni was dropped by one of her agents, which made her feel even more ostracized.

Thankfully, times have changed, and WWE now provides pregnancy hiatuses to their Superstars. Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans are just two of the most recent examples of WWE Superstars who have taken time off due to pregnancy. The company is no longer penalizing or discriminating against Superstars who choose to start a family, and they are actively encouraging a more inclusive and accepting work environment.

“Back then, the industry was completely different. The film and television industry and the ‘sports entertainment industry,’ it was highly unacceptable to have children. It wasn’t something that people would out loud tell you just like other types of discrimination, but if an agent, if a manager, if a production found out that you have kids, you are undesirable.

Carmella in all of her glory was the one that outed me to the entire world that I was a mom. Nobody knew. I got pulled aside by production, by Stephanie McMahon, by everyone you could imagine, and they were like, ‘do you have kids?!’ And I was like ‘Surprise, I do. [awkward thumbs up gesture]. And the crazy thing is the only reason she knew that is because of that tiny room that we were in, she would hear my personal phone conversations talking to my kids multiple times a day.

So, she took it upon herself to bring my out of the parenthood closet. And to be quite honest, I actually got dropped by one of my agents because of it.”

In conclusion, the WWE has come a long way in creating an inclusive work environment that respects and supports the personal lives of their Superstars. The company now recognizes the importance of pregnancy leave and is actively encouraging Superstars to take time off when needed. The WWE’s evolution towards a more inclusive culture is a positive step towards creating a more equitable and diverse workplace.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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