WWE Diva Hosting Parties While on the Road, Norman Smiley Works with Divas, NXT Rookies at RAW

– As noted, NXT coaches Bill DeMott, Norman Smiley and Robbie Brookside were used in the pull-apart with Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan at the end of last night’s RAW. Smiley, who sometimes works with the NXT Divas, was working with the main roster Divas backstage earlier in the evening..



– Mike Esterman of celebrity booking site Esterman.com noted on Twitter that WWE Diva Rosa Mendes is hosting after parties at clubs while she’s on tour with WWE. The message was re-tweeted by Rosa. Apparently she can be booked through Esterman.com, which books a number of celebrities.

– Below are some of the newer WWE NXT talents at last night’s RAW in Orlando including Zahra Schreiber, Leyvonna, C Denzel Freeman, Lina Fanene, Gionna Daddio, Dustin Mueller and others:

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