WWE Diva In Trouble After Breaking Character

The veteran WWE star Natalya recently broke her character. Fans witnessed a bizarre finish to her Triple Threat Match against Liv Morgan and Ronda Rousey at the recent WWE house show in Sacramento, California. In the closing stages of the bout, Morgan pinned Natalya after hitting her finishing maneuver. However, the latter immediately got back up, no selling the move, pointed at the SmackDown Women’s Champion before leaving the ring. She recently sent out a tweet and eventually deleted it. Reports have emerged about the developments of the incident.



Natalya snubs that she received backstage heat

Ringside News was told that Natalya has developed a reputation of being “more and more of a problem with producers and writers.” There is a lot more to the story other than just her no-selling Liv Morgan’s finisher at a WWE live event.

A tenured member of the outlet had reportedly noted that “Nattie was a serious problem backstage last Friday, so bad that several producers and writers were talking about whether they go straight to Vince McMahon, observe protocol and go to Bruce Prichard.” Since John Laurinaitis is gone, this was a real question.

They also considered going to TJ Wilson, “as a courtesy and see if he can get involved since she’s being unprofessional and harassing the writers and producers.” We were told that Natalya was complaining that “she gets her role, and understands what’s needed, but she’s treated like a ‘jobber’.”

Nattie kept “pushing for answers,” but then “when she gets in front of Vince McMahon, she babyfaces Vince and does the old ‘I’m grateful for the opportunity, I’m fortunate to be here for so long’ routine.”

The outlet further reported that her no-selling Liv Morgan’s finisher in Sacramento, “was unprofessional and got squashed quickly because Nattie probably knew she exposed her rotten attitude with that moment that was caught on tape.”

Natalya took to her Twitter account and slammed the reports writing:

“THIS IS BOB. Natalya’s assistant. Your article is COMPLETE S**T.”

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