WWE Diva Is ‘Desperate’ After Rhea Ripley Breakup

Cathy Kelley, a prominent figure on television since her debut in the WWE back in 2016, has recently made waves with her return to the company after a brief hiatus. This return was made possible by the WWE’s change in structure, and it seems that Kelley has wasted no time in making her presence felt, especially when it comes to her relationship with fellow wrestler Rhea Ripley.



Their connection has been the subject of a captivating storyline, not only inside the wrestling ring but also on social media. However, things have taken a dramatic turn as Kelley now appears to be seeking to evoke feelings of jealousy from Ripley following their apparent “breakup.”

While Kelley is currently on vacation, her impending return to SmackDown has sparked a renewed interest in their dynamic. During a recent WWE live event, tensions escalated as Rhea Ripley engaged in flirtatious behavior with Samantha Irvin, leaving Kelley feeling upset and betrayed. To add fuel to the fire, Ripley boldly claimed that Irvin was her new “girlfriend,” intensifying the emotional turmoil experienced by Kelley.

Desperate for Ripley’s attention, Kelley has been trying various tactics to catch her former partner’s eye, all to no avail. In a subtle move, she even updated her Twitter bio, clearly labeling herself as Ripley’s ex. However, it seems that the frustration has pushed her to explore bolder strategies.

One fan took to social media and suggested an intriguing idea to make Rhea Ripley jealous: hanging out with Rhea Hail, another prominent wrestler. Embracing the fan’s suggestion, Kelley expressed her willingness to do whatever it takes to get the desired reaction from Ripley, indicating that she is open to any and all ideas at this point.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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