WWE Diva Is Miserable In New Pregnant Video

Carmella has been absent from WWE television since before WrestleMania 39, which left many of her fans wondering about her sudden departure. However, she recently put all the rumors to rest by revealing that she is pregnant. In a video message posted on Instagram, Carmella updated her fans about her progress, admitting that while she felt miserable, she has never been happier to feel that way.



Despite her excitement, Carmella admitted that the first trimester has been quite difficult. She has been experiencing morning sickness, which has left her feeling nauseous and tired. She also confessed to having no appetite, yet being hungry all the time, and craving only noodles, which has caused some concerns.

In her Instagram post, Carmella opened up about her experience to help other expecting mothers who may be going through the same thing. She acknowledged that social media can often portray an unrealistic image and that she was happy to have passed the first trimester.

Let me start by saying how grateful I am to be pregnant. It’s been such a journey to get to this point and I feel beyond blessed for this little bub in my belly. However, I had NO idea how difficult the first trimester would be. I had always heard of “morning sickness” but had no clue just how debilitating the first three months would be.

I’m sharing this to hopefully help any other mamas out there who may be experiencing the same thoughts and feelings during their first trimester. I’ve been getting texts and DMs saying how I’m glowing and asking how I have the energy to be going to the gym etc etc… just remember, social media is not real. I’m happy to say the first trimester is OVAAAA and I’m feeling so much better. Obviously no two pregnancies are the same but I promise it gets better!

Carmella has been open about her struggles with pregnancy, having gone through a traumatic miscarriage in the past. Her candid story has been praised for its ability to help many others who have experienced the same thing.

It is clear that Carmella is looking forward to the next stage of her life and is excited about the arrival of her little bundle of joy. Her fans are overjoyed and have expressed their excitement and support for the wrestler and her growing family.


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