WWE Diva Legend Returns On Raw After Years?

Summer Rae is reportedly backstage at WWE Raw, PWInsider.com reports. Roman Reigns and the Bloodline will be opening up Raw tonight and this has fans ready to tune in. As it was recently said by sources on social media; Roman Reigns and the Bloodline will be opening up Raw tonight. This seems to be a good way for Raw to grab some of the Smackdown ratings that continue to to give the blue brand a bit of an edge.



WWE has had a problem ever since Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar to unify the company’s world titles at WrestleMania 38. Ideas have floated around about The Tribal Chief dropping the WWE Championship while continuing his Universal Title reign, but that has all been up in the air with plans always changing when it comes to how tight knit WWE want to keep things.

According to Xero News, not only with the opening of tonight’s Raw feature Roman Reigns and the Bloodline, but previously it was stated that a new WWE Champion would have been crowned no later than the Day 1 premium live event. This, of course, has not happened. So, could Raw’s opening have something to do with this?

Not only does Roman Reigns still hold both belts, but Day 1 2023, got canceled. This can be considered false on multiple levels. Another rumor is that this could have something to do with the WWE draft where we could see the two brands get shaken up. Raw definitely needs some more stars on the show.

Tune in tonight to see what special announcements are to take place as the biggest faction in WWE make their presence known on the red brand.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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